I’ve been leading workshops since I was 16 years old. Yep,  it was called "I  like the S.P.R.I.T.E in You." It was interactive and empowering and also a bit goofy. Since then I’ve led hundreds of transformational events, workshops, women’s circles and retreats all over the world.  For well-over a decade, it’s been an honor to intimately coach women privately and in groups. I’m known for my intuitive insight, my heartfelt storytelling and a touch of badassery. I create brave spaces and community connections.

I mentor coaches, healers, seekers, and leaders.

Here are three things I feel very passionate about:
  1. Helping you to own your superpowers, essence, and impact so you can feel grounded in your leadership. I want you to embrace radical self-acceptance and untangle yourself from the spell of not good enough. 

  2. Healing the sister wound so you can trust yourself and other women again. I believe our sister wounds of betrayal, abandonment, hurt, and rejection have kept us from trusting ourselves. We've all been hurt and we've all caused hurt in some form or another. How do we live from integrity from where we are now?  I  have supported many women to create deep relationships and welcomed many women into our community sisterhood. 

  3. Fall. As in Autumn. The season of harvest, pumpkins, cooler weather, and Halloween. It’s my jam. 


Before starting my own business as a coach, I began as an elementary school teacher. I also worked with kids with special needs and adapted the curriculum for IEPs.  I’ve been a leadership instructor, a sex educator, an award-winning direct seller, and an event planner. 

For 8 years, I’ve also been the Director of Training for author and speaker Mike Dooley. (Notes from the Universe, The Secret). I’ve connected with Infinite Possibilities Trainers all over the globe. It’s the best gig ever! 

For 5 years, I led the Red Hot Visionista Sacred Circle which remains my sentimental favorite program.  I also led a 5 day retreat in Mexico for 8 years known as the Soul Hydration Vacation and the Bye Bye Good Girl Getaway.  I lead supportive containers for self-leadership, soul work and seasonal living through quarterly rituals and women's circles.  

Hi. I'm Regena.

I'm also a recovering good girl perfectionist achiever. 

Yea, just claiming that makes me tired. I spent a lot of my life worried about getting it right and scared I was getting it wrong. I've felt sick to my stomach at the thought of disappointing someone. I avoided conflict to the detriment of my own boundaries and self-care. 


My Story

When I was 5, I talked to fairies, wished on stars, and sprinkled everything with pixie dust. I saw the world through possibilities and solved problems with my imagination.

Eventually, as I  went through life, I  got disillusioned and hurt and lost connection to my inner magical child.  I began to believe that being quiet, compliant, and good would bring about my happily ever after. From high grades to awards to the white picket fence, I had orchestrated my entire life to make sure that everyone thought I had it all and, even more importantly, that I had it all together.

And then, one morning, I woke up and felt… empty. I was successful, yet I had lost my sense of purpose (not to mention my sex drive).

I was a laminated glossy shell living in my own prison of perfection.


I was sure it was because something was wrong with me. I felt guilty and ashamed of feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. The critical voice inside me said, “How dare I complain? I have a Vitamix for f*ck’s sake!”

Why couldn’t I just be grateful?

I felt disconnected from others, afraid of speaking up or standing out.  I no longer felt sure of what I  wanted or if it was possible. I had lost connection to my magic. My soul was dehydrated. 


I felt overwhelmed, overscheduled, and not good enough. 


With the support of mentors and teachers and a willingness to change, I began my own journey back to reclaiming my essence. 

Eventually, I had to learn that being in communion with my essence was more important than avoiding conflict or disappointing someone.

I learned that the only way to be the leader of my own life was to strengthen my self-compassion and integrity while reclaiming my worth, courage, and power.

Instead of being so critical, I’ve learned to be conscious and curious, to feel and heal my pain so I could feel more of my joy.

Today I continue this journey of navigating life to deeper levels of self-love, self-expression, radiance, abundance, and connection. The more ritual, presence, and awareness I’ve brought to my life, the fuller and richer it has become.

I joyfully share my wisdom and learnings of essence leadership by mentoring women in my online courses, group programs, private coaching, and transformational retreats.

Personally, I have been married for over 26 years to my beloved Matt, and I’m the mom to Ethan, who is studying musical theatre at UF.

I am a foodie. I do dance parties in my kitchen.  I get teary-eyed at almost every musical or dance performance I watch. I love Halloween, pilates, and great blue herons.  In human design, I'm a 5/2 emotional projector. In astrology, I'm an Aquarian sun, a libra moon, and a cancer rising. I'm an INFJ and an Enneagram 9. My Clifton Strengthsfiner top 5 are: Connector, Arranger, Relator, Input, Communication.  

I believe that it’s time for us to heal our sisterhood wounds because when conscious women come together with an intent to empower, the world changes, and healing happens.

Compassion rocks, kindness matters, and you are more powerful than you know.

I want to hear your story.

Let's Connect 

I'll help you find clarity and connection as we chat about what you want and what's next. Whether you are going through a transition, ready to optimize or need some entrepreneurial mentoring, let's explore together. 

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Regena is like the general contractor

of your dreams. 

She won’t do it for you, but she can line up all the tools, tricks, resources and vibes so that you are able to start constructing the life you deserve.  She pushes you to explore the parts of your life you would rather leave undiscovered and is your biggest cheerleader when that kind of exploration blows up all the boundaries and walls you’ve put up around what you thought was possible.  I admire her passion for her work, her vulnerability in chasing her own dreams and am honored to have her in my life.

-Ingrid Ciano ( owner/lead consultant-healthcare industry) 

Regena Garrepy has been an absolute light in my life. She is a magical unicorn and has a gift for helping women realize their own potential as well as what lights them up. Her programs have been essential in shaping the crazy paths in my life and helping me to be brave and let my soul shine.  She has helped me to see myself as the leader of my own life and it's is so much richer.

-Jessica Carter

This work has empowered me to be a strong, confident woman. I left my job of 16 years only to be empowered to return to the same company 6 months later, with a higher-level position and salary. In addition to the position / income, I have the respect from upper management. I am 100% confident I would not be the woman I am today without working with Regena.

- Lisa Kushnick

Coming away from the retreat, I felt  felt like I had permission to shine in a way I never allowed before. I also felt a deep sense of sisterhood and connection that was nourishing to my soul. Regena is really special. She brings such power, change, and transformation with such a soft and welcoming spirit. She is truly a healer and a game changer.

- Shereen Thor